About Us

Some of the CMRA crew

The non-profit CMRA is an association of politically active motorcyclists whose primary purpose is working to keep Connecticut riders informed of legislative issues in our state, and actively lobbying in Hartford with respect to these issues.

We continuously monitor all proposed legislation regarding motor vehicle and transportation related matters to evaluate their impact on our mission and the interests of our members: (e.g. VIN numbers on pipes, various proposals regarding ATVs, phone/blue-tooth/audio equipment rules, etc.)

Achievements since 1980:

  1. We supported the creation of a self-funded rider education program;
  2. We pushed for the adoption of a more comprehensive motorcycle license test throughout the state;
  3. We initiated legislation that mandates a minimum insurance discount of 10% for those motorcyclists completing the rider education course;
  4. We supported legislation aimed at educating motorists on how to share the road with motorcyclists;
  5. We defeated proposed legislation requiring motorcyclists to be covered under the state's no-fault insurance provision, which would have resulted in a 300% to 400% increase in our liability premiums;
  6. We defeated proposed legislation banning all passengers on a motorcycle under the age of fifteen;
  7. We defeated numerous attempts to require all motorcycles registered in Connecticut to be equipped with three full-sized headlights;
  8. We have worked on legislation that would guarantee access to health insurance for all motorcyclists in the state of Connecticut;
  9. We have repeatedly defeated attempts to reinstate the mandatory helmet law for adult motorcycle riders.

To continue to succeed, we need your support! Any organization is only as strong as the support of the members. Our members come from all walks of life, with one common interest: to help preserve our right to ride a motorcycle when and where we wish, without unfair restrictions, and to make the roads a safer place for all.

We employ a full-time professional lobbyist to assist us during the legislative session, and have developed a high level of credibility with our legislators because we act in a knowledgeable and professional manner.

The cost of a CMRA membership is just thirty dollars ($30.00) per year. Part of these dues are used to publish our newsletter, to keep our members informed, the remainder goes toward achieving our legislative objectives. All CMRA board members and representatives volunteer their time and are not compensated. In addition to the newsletter you will receive a bumper sticker, and a membership card which will give you access to a discount program with participating dealers across the state, and eligibility to attend some of our functions at a reduced price.

However, the most important benefit lies in helping us to protect your right to ride in Connecticut.

On the lighter side, we try to bring Connecticut's motorcyclists together. We organize parties, rallies and charity events where Connecticut motorcyclists can enjoy each other's company while helping to improve our image.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts. The thirty dollars that you pay for membership is an investment in the future of motorcycling in Connecticut.

2011 CMRA Toy Run
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